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An Association for Gambling Operators was founded in New Zealand

An Association for Gambling Operators was founded in New Zealand

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The press service of the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone told about the creation of AIRIS. Its development director Dmitry Anfinogenov was elected to the post of head of the organization.

AIRIS is designed to unite companies that work in the 1 dollar casino field of sports and entertainment events and gambling entertainment. The latter are represented in the association by gambling zones with legal stationary 1 deposit casinos. The segment of virtual gambling establishments, which include international 1 deposit casinos “tangiers”, spin, Facasigo and others, is not yet sufficiently developed in our country.

According to AIRIS representatives, the organization was created to ensure the regulation and formation of transparent relationships between gambling entertainment operators and legislative authorities, as well as to strengthen the positive image of gambling among residents of the Russian Federation.

The plans of the association members include regular business meetings and meetings, visits to various forums dedicated to the development of gambling and tourism, as well as the creation of a professional institute for the training of qualified personnel. AIRIS will also organize thematic conferences on an ongoing basis with the participation of international and domestic experts in the gambling entertainment industry.